John Treleaven as Apollo mastered the extremely demanding tenor role with power and the highest intensity.

The singing of the Karlsruhe ensemble once more scaled astonishing heights... The two tenors were ideally contrasted..........and John Treleaven as Apollo: a conqueror in absolute authority, matching his heroic appearance with brilliant highs delivered at full power.

Stuttgarter Zeitung
Above all, John Treleaven as an Apollo with amazingly sure high notes - one of the most difficult tenor parts in the Strauss repertoire.
Mannheimer Morgen
John Treleaven..... mastered the enormous role of Apollo with splendid dynamic vigor, rich phrasing and colour. Badische Neueste Nachrichten 23.11.99 John Treleaven was an Apollo of substance, a focussed heldentenor.

Die Rheinpfalz