Especially John Treleaven as Lohengrin, already celebrated in the Hamburg performances, could again set the standard of a total role identification. From his slim, tall stature alone he was a Holy Grail Knight with great presence. And then sounds from a different world “Nun sei bedankt, mein lieber Schwan…” Piano singing like balm that is repeated in the lyric parts of the Wedding Chamber scene as well as the beginning of the Grail narration. Also in the dramatic scenes the singer enthrals with a voice that is clear, firm and secure at the top.
What fascinates us time and time again with Treleaven is his diction, the forming of the words with expression of joy and sorrow, the melancholy for example in “Weh, nun ist all unser Glück dahin.” He is an artist who loves singing, knows his score and lives his role.
Der Neue Merker
But then the aforementioned wonder:……emerging out of the depths John Treleaven, tall, upright – a wonderful sight, that really captures the musical magic. The singer’s stage presence adds even more to the moment, his face already “communicating” everything. And then Treleaven sings the Swan aria in such a tenderly lyrical, effortlessly supported and full-sounding piano ( also in the 3rd act!), as if he had only ever sung “Dalla sua pace” or “Un’aura amorosa”.
Der Neue Merker
John Treleaven, who has stood in as Lohengrin here once before, took the title role. Since his performance in Vienna (2000), he has ripened into the part. His Lohengrin is now secure in the highs; it has an heroic power of attack in the bridal chamber and a piano in the Dove passage of the Grail Narration that is simply unrivalled today. His diction is first class. The production left the singer, like many others, at something of a disadvantage, but even so he managed his business well. His entry in Act 1 and his departure in Act 3 were impressive. Here Treleaven's personality and commanding presence were able for a moment to still the breakneck pace of events. He made humanly credible the bitter disappointment of the Knight of the Swan at the destruction of his dream as he disappeared, waving sadly, into oblivion.

Der Neue Merker



John Treleaven's Lohengrin is an event. This tenor, who is also a first-rate actor, delivers the Grail Narrative in a way rarely heard today: lyrically gentle, even ethereal at first, heroically radiant as the narrative unfolds, enthralling even in the quietest moments. John Treleaven has no rival.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung
John Treleaven sings wonderfully, never forcing the voice but radiating great integrity.
Haarlems Dagblad

The British tenor John Treleaven gave us a Grail Narrative that was beautifully sung - the character noble, the voice clear and flexible.

NRC Handelsblad

In the third act John Treleaven sang a simply wonderful "In fernem Land."





John Treleaven jumped in for the indisposed Thomas Moser at the last minute and thus made his debut at the Wiener Staatsoper. Parsifal can be proud of his Cornish descendant. I have seldom heard such a heartfelt “Elsa, ich liebe dich.“ and his Grail Narrative was so charged with suffering and pain that one might accuse Elsa of quite dreadful things in her inability to restrain her curiosity. Though who could do such a thing?

The vocal achievement of this British tenor is remarkable. His intonation is absolutely secure in all registers; his German is faultless. The voice is pleasant and culminates in powerful, brilliant high notes. The first part of the Grail Narrative he sang on his knees gripped by a vision; the second part (standing) had the authority of one sent by God. Good looks and a noble bearing complete the overall positive impression.

Neue Merker
John Treleaven jumped in at the last minute for Thomas Moser. Just the right shining timbre, tireless reserves of strength and musicality show that even in the middle German houses there are Wagner tenors of note.
John Treleaven, making his debut in the house, is unmistakably made of great tenor material.




John Treleaven doing the leading role is the best money can buy.

Svenska Dagbladet
John Treleaven as Lohengrin, has his most demanding task at the end of the opera when he reveals his name to Elsa. It is here that John Treleaven shows us his pure best, his powerful tenor voice takes full tone in this very touching scene.
Arbetet internet

The English tenor John Treleaven performing the title role sang with an heroic bite to his voice.

Hallands Nyheter
As Lohengrin we heard the international renowned tenor John Treleaven. With his powerful but beautifully balanced tenor voice he gave us a sensational experience of how a tenor can be heard clearly over a full orchestra and chorus and in total balance with them.
Boras Tidning

John Treleaven was very convincing in the role of Lohengrin.

Göteborgs Posten
John Treleaven is a well established Wagner singer in Germany and he showed us exactly why with an unbelievably beautiful tone to his tenor voice.



The dramatic highpoint of the concert was undoubtedly the Bridal scene. John Treleaven is a tenor whom one can only describe as exceptional. There is no roughness in any register in the voice. The middle and low notes have a baritonal richness able to convey not only heroic power but also restraint. His model enunciation must be heard.

Wiesbadener Kurier