John Treleaven (already cast in the 2002 premiere) plays and sings this lively, poetic knight in love, with genuine delight. As such Walther von Stolzing sings the first two verses of his Prize Song with extreme affection in wonderful legato personally for his beloved sitting in front of him. The kiss and embrace of the couple end the successful song, until Sachs parts the two – at least for the time being.

Der Neue Merker


John Treleaven sings Stolzing impressively.
Her knight Walter was John Treleaven who acts splendidly and has a great voice with a particularly beautiful and expressive timbre……..his Prize Song was simply magnificent.
Der Neue Merker
Equally good John Treleaven as Stolzing. Also he with exemplary diction. Many a German singer could learn from! The voice is used lyrically and he fulfils perfectly the heroic demands of this part in all registers up to a shining top. In the lyrical passages the voice becomes tender and captivates through a beauty of tone seldom heard. Without any strain the Prize Song rings out with radiant high notes as the crowning glory. A singer who understands poetry and music and knows how to portray it.

Der Neue Merker


A highlight in this 18th performance was again John Treleaven as Walther von Stolzing. What a champion of beautiful singing, who is also able to retain this singing culture even in the dramatic sections with heroic tones. His acting ability and his diction are impressive. Treleaven is a Master Singer and the Knight von Stolzing, he understands what poetry Wagner has written. He who can so easily produce such perfect high notes in the 3rd act Prize Song must own a perfect technique.

Der Neue Merker - July 2005


The delightfully enthiusiastic performer John Treleaven, sang outstandingly well. This heldentenor suitor for Eva's heart and hand was precisely the right choice for this big opera house. No problems in the higher or lower registers, or of stamina, dulled the listening pleasure. The voice is pleasing, clear and well-focussed and great care was taken over the legato, making the powerfully radiant, long and forthright tones sound all the more victorious.
Der Neue Merker
John Treleaven's Stolzing convinces by sheer security of intonation and power.

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt



John Treleaven introduces himself in "Am stillen Herd" as a worthy student of his teacher, Walther von der Vogelweide. With fine effortless tone and soaring cantabile, the singer has mastered this tricky role with its notoriously high tessitura.

John Treleaven, who has already sung the roles of Lohengrin, Max, Tannhäuser and Paul Ackermann ("Mahagonny") in Hamburg, sang excellently and comprehensibly. He gave us an heroic Stolzing with great reserves of stamina and energy.

Der Neue Merker
The dynamic John Treleaven as the young nobleman Stolzing was convincing from the start.
Hamburger Abendblatt

As Walther, John Treleaven sang with a winning and untiring freshness and apparent spontaneity to match Walther‘s burgeoning poetic power. A once familiar voice with ENO and our regional companies, Treleaven has recently been carving out a Continental career for himself as one of our leading Heldentenors abroad.

Stolzing (John Treleaven: a tenor of noble timbre) appeared as the embodiment of Dürer's self-portrait. Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung John Treleaven's Walther was sung with outstanding lyricism and faultless vocal line.
Musical Opinion
Secure in the high register and vocally at ease, John Treleaven established himself confidently in his role. When necessary, he commands thoroughly respectable reserves of vocal power that shine out without forcing. Stage presence, well supported by the direction, presented no problems.
Neues Deutschland
John Treleaven has developed into a Stolzing of stature: a timbre that is smooth and irresistibly reminiscent of the young Pavarotti, a controlled power that effortlessly mastered the Prize Song.
Junge Freiheit

John Treleaven seduced us with his tasteful, secure, finely-honed voice and projection straight as an arrow.

Nordbayerischer Kurier
John Treleaven, in the role of Walther, astounded us with his brilliant and lyrical voice.
Opera Actual
During the entire performance, John Treleaven distinguished himself in masterly fashion with his beautiful, lyrical voice and perfect timbre. Operayre Treleaven sang Walther's prize song with heroic brilliance.

Osnabrücker Zeitung