'The main character, Otello, was the star of the evening and ideally cast with John Treleaven. It was his debut in the role and yet he played and sang the part as if he had already performed it many times on stage. With a great voice ranging from warm middle tones to shining top notes, he ruled the stage. Yet it is not only the outstanding voice that Treleaven has to offer; he transforms the words, expresses love, wrath, anger and pain in perfect tones. With seldom seen perfection he plays the role of a person pushed into a hopeless situation. John Treleaven is Otello!'
Der Neue Merker
'Above all also Karsten Mewes as the dreadful Iago, Christina Dunwoodie as the innocent Desdemona, John Treleaven as the jealous Otello – the three soloists would already visually be worth a visit. Together with their acoustic talent they were a treat.'
Ostholsteiner Anzeiger
'It was here that John Treleaven, still remembered in Kiel as Siegfried - demonstrated his strengths.
...and was thus able to give intense expression to the feelings of the despair, the downfall and the dejection.'
Kieler Nachrichten – July 2009
'Those responsible for its actual success are the marvellous singers, who have been engaged for this production. John Treleaven - who stepped in last year as "Tannhäuser" was brilliant in his debut as Othello.
He is not made up as a black man, but even so his role as an outsider is still clear. Not least by his convincing facial expression. His magnificent voice effortlessly fills the whole stage.'

Unser Lübeck – 20 July 2009


With alarming intensity John Treleaven became absorbed in the psychoanalysis of the aggrieved and jealous moor, adapted easily to the 12 year old production of Chris Alexander and with this excellent performance the rest of the cast paled in comparison. The internationally acclaimed Wagner warrior had only had his debut with this role in the summer at the Eutin Festival and impressed yet again with his captivating stage presence. With the brilliance of his secure high note Heldentenor voice, Treleaven mastered the “Esultate”, formed dramatic outbursts with the dark sounding baritonal colours and, in spite of total vocal input, achieved amazing, sonorous, intimate Piani in the love duet as well as in the moving final scene.
Der Neue Merker