Zurich Opera House December 2006
'... John Treleaven took on this role which he was also singing at the same time with great success in Frankfurt. And he repeated his success in Zurich. His strengths as a singer and actor are shown to full advantage.
He conveys just perfectly the transformation from a naïve country boy to a strong character, who is able to defend and avenge himself against the betrayal he is being subjected to. Add to this his strongly expressive voice, which rings out from piano to the heroic tones effortlessly also in the top range. This proficiency is complemented even more by an absolute understanding of the text, which could already be admired in his Tristan, Stolzing, Tannhäuser and Lohengrin. It was perfect casting.'
Der Neue Merker - Inge Lore Tautz - January 2007
Frankfurt December 2006
'With John Treleaven one can believe in the naive – good Pedro because he sings the dramatic passages as convincingly as the despairing – loving ones and in any case he has the most beautiful voice of all the Heroic tenors today.'
'…above all John Treleaven as Pedro. The singer from Cornwall has often proved with what authenticity he plays his roles whether it be Siegfried, Tristan or Peter Grimes. But here he delivers a true masterpiece of a role interpretation that grips you and goes under the skin. The charming naivity and simplicity of the shepherd from the mountains who is convinced by his “good master” until he can no more, he plays out as emphatically as his determination when he discovers the betrayal of his trusting nature. Here Treleaven finds marvellous and often heroic tones for the demanding role which challenges over long stretches with much density of text and Sprechgesang which suddenly leads on to great singing lines. A fantastic achievement!'
Der Neue Merker
'John Treleaven cleverly paces (Wolfserzählung!) with a pleasant timbred heroic tenor voice and portrays Pedro as a truly naïve chap who gradually sees through it all and is challenged into a fitting revenge.'
Der Neue Merker
'The main parts were excellently cast, first and foremost with John Treleaven’s heroic yet sensitively phrased Pedro.'
Frankfurter Neue Presse
'John Treleaven portrays the naive shepherd Pedro with a wonderful ability to nuance and is impressive in how he communicates the different states of emotion as the hurt and then revenge seeking lover.'
'This Pedro, however is a “pure fool”, but also reminds one of Wagner’s powerful Siegfried – in both cases an orphan with a license to kill. The part is also similar in Helden tenor format, and with John Treleaven Frankfurt Opera has once again achieved a convincing cast in this difficult Fach. Powerful in the uplifting arias, clear in diction and moving in the love emphasis.'
Allgemeine Zeitung – Rhein Main Presse
'The tenor from Cornwall, John Treleaven (celebrated in Frankfurt as Tristan and Benjamin Britten’s “Peter Grimes”) portays a mixture of an alpine-Parsifal and a young Siegfried. With impressive vocal material and striking acting skills he shows Pedro’s helpless subjection to the circumstances around him.'
Hannauer Anzeiger
'John Treleaven…. vocally masters the challenging role with his solidly founded tenor voice, sovereignly secure in the high notes, a musically cultivated nature-boy.'
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
'John Treleaven’s Helden tenor was convincing as Pedro with his powerful but at the same time also very flexible voice. He gave a polished and nuanced portrait of the shepherd, and singing of the famous “Wolfserzählung” was particularly vivid and gripping.'
Maintal Tagesanzeiger
'Treleaven’s voice is absolutely tireless and with a youthful, bright shining timbre he is well cast in the role of Pedro.'
Stuttgarter Zeitung
'John Treleaven, the Tristan singer in this country, is Pedro – an excellent singer.'
'John Treleaven lends his clear, strong voice to the open hearted shepherd Pedro. He succeeds in a very effective portrayal of this character.'
Gießener Anzeiger