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Tenore, Tenori, Tenorissimo
For some years now John Treleaven has made a name for himself in Europe as a natural born exponent of Wagner. The newly released ARTE NOVA CD with excerpts from "Die Walküre", "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung" is a shining example of what is possible to hear on stage. The english tenor does not disappoint, particularly in the Schmiedelied, beginning with quiet confidence then rising to the controlled, ringing top notes that are particularly beautiful on the 'e' and 'a' vowels. Good diction makes it possible to follow the exact words of the text of "Ein Schwert verhieß mir der Vater" and the "Winterstürmen" of Siegmund as well as the lyrical narratives of Siegfried. Karlsruhe, Kiel, Chemnitz, Graz and Tokyo are next in line for his "Ring" performances up to 2004. And who knows, maybe Bayreuth as well in the meantime, if Wolfgang Wagner's latest and courageous recasting policy should be accepted.
CD News Opernglas 9/2000

CD-Tip: Ready to take on Wagner
He certainly is not lacking in self-confidence, particularly when he introduced his CD "Wagner's Heroes" during the Festival in Bayreuth. John Treleaven is on the way up. The Englishman, who triumphed in Mannheim, Kiel, Chemnitz and Karlsruhe (recently, as Tristan) and who now has leapt to success in Hamburg, Vienna and Barcelona is a Heldentenor on a par with many a performer on the green hill of Bayreuth. At any rate the leader of the Festival, Wolfgang Wagner, has heard Treleaven several times. Just wait and see! On his CD released by Arte Nova Treleaven appears as Siegmund and Siegfried in Highlights from "Walküre", "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung". This tenor really has strength and staying power, clear diction and a pleasant timbre. Respect!
Südwest Presse Ulm 16.08.2000

Wagner's Heroes
The truly commendable solo-series of Arte Nova which seeks to capture the vocal potential of the artist who has not yet reached stardom, unlike other singers boosted by record companies, is resumed in this extremely worthwhile CD. This time attention is focussed on John Treleaven from Cornwall who is a hot tip not yet known to all, in spite of his extensive repertoire comprising nearly all the great heroic roles and his ever increasing use as a stand-in by the big opera houses. This CD with excerpts from Wagner's "Ring" hopefully forecasts and will contribute to a rise from this unjustifiable shadow existence. It demonstrates the tenor as a secure exponent of this repertoire both vocally and artistically. The voice is particularly estimable in its powerful delivery and a mellow core which maintains its tone throughout the vast range of expression required by the "Schmiedeliedern" and is effortlessly controlled right up to the deep contemplations of Siegfried about his father and mother.
Neue Merker Aug/Sept

John Treleaven ventures Wagner That Treleaven can take "Wagner's Heroes" in his stride is clearly evident from the newly released CD on which Treleaven not only takes on Siegmund but also Siegfried. Here he proves himself to be an intelligent artiste - not a "helden bellower", a man who knows what he is singing about and how he must sing it. Many a tenor could learn a thing or two from Treleaven's comprehension of the text, as well as his impressive art of interpreting it.
Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung 23.09.00